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Pool Contractors

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Pool Contractors You Can Count On

Hiring pool contractors that can put in a custom made pool that you’re likely to enjoy is a stressful task. If you are an organization such as a school or community center seeking to provide your students/attendees using a place to exercise and enjoy the warm weather, then there’s a lot in the equilibrium. If you’re a homeowner looking to boost your summer experience, you would like to remain within budget while still obtaining the pool your own picture.

At JDR Swimming Pools, new pool building is our business. We concentrate in it, in addition to the normal maintenance, fix, opening and closing of all current pools. We’ll make an inground or above ground pool which meets all your expectations and sets off your summer just the correct way!

Pool Installation

New pool construction is a significant undertaking, whether you are building in ground or aboveground. In JDR Swimming Pools we have been doing so for many years, and can build efficiently without sacrificing quality. On top of this, when it has to do with subcontractors to create a patio to surround your pool, we all know the ideal folks to take action.

  • Marking out the pool site
  • Excavating
  • Installing panels
  • Assembling accessories (steps, etc.)
  • Pouring concrete
  • Installing a liner

From start to finish, all work is completed with care and consideration.

Opening and Closing your Pool

As all pool owners understand, you can not just build a pool and abandon it. At the beginning of the season, provide your pool builders a call so that they can eliminate debris out of the pay, take the cover off, re-install equipment, set up a filter, then check chemical balances and make sure your pool is safe to use.

In the end of the year, we’ll go through a similar process, but in reverse. Chemicals will be balanced so there is not any buildup that becomes corrosive, and the cover will be procured strongly so no critters can fall through or components can tear it off.

Pool Repair

Especially in the case of inground pool expenses, you will have to allow for repairs at some point through time. Both inground and above ground pools may face liner cracks and tears as well as bulging. On top of this, plumbing and filter problems can waste water costing you into electricity bills.

Inground pools may have cracks in the cement, while above ground pools might have walls that would like to collapse in on themselves.

When it comes to pool fix, grabbing damage as soon as possible is important. Don’t let your luxury yard or facility feature turn into a messy, expensive, and dangerous repair job.

JDR Swimming Pools: Get Excited for Summer!

Whether you’re planning backyard pool building or will need to get your existing pool prepared for the season, you can rely on JDR Swimming Pools to find the job completed in time and at a price you can smile about.

Do not allow summer stress you out, give us a call to handle all your pool-related requirements and you won’t need to lift a finger to have the best summer of your life!

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